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inCode, a global wireless business and technology consulting firm, develops and implements high-impact strategies and solutions that increase the profitability and performance of wireless networks.

Startec is based in Potomac, Maryland, and is a facilities-based provider of communications services, including voice, data and Internet access. Founded as a corporation in 1989, Startec markets services to ethnic businesses, residential communities located in major metropolitan areas, to international long distance operators and to Internet service providers transacting with the world's emerging economies. Startec is positioned to become a leading provider of Internet Protocol, ("IP"), communication services, including voice, data and Internet services to targeted ethnic markets, comprised of ethnic communities from the Asia Pacific Rim, the Middle East and North Africa, Russia and Central Europe and Latin and South America.

Followap is the leading provider of operator-class Presence and IM solutions. Its iFollow suite of products has been commercially launched by tier-one mobile operators, serving millions of subscribers. Followap delivers systems based on industry standards optimized for quick deployment on operator's networks. Followap also offers an extensive Presence Development Environment, facilitating mobile operators and 3rd parties to presence-enable existing and future services.

FutureDial, Incorporated which was launched in August 1999, is a privately held wireless software developer headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. FutureDial licenses cellphone phonebook portability tools for operators, handset manufacturers, retailers and corporations and distributes its cellphone software through national retailers and
e-commerce sites. FutureDial envisions a world where everyone can easily secure, control and share their personal information to enhance their productivity and their lives.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Palo Alto (Silicon Valley), loopt provides a social networking application featuring leading technology and IP for LBS-based technology. Loopt's founders are specialists in wireless development, network security, large-scale web application and possess a unique understanding of the core mobile demographic (14-34 years of age).

Vallent Corporation is the global leader in Service Assurance management of next generation communication services. The company uses its deep communications network knowledge to help service providers leverage their network data to improve operational performance. Vallent's proven solutions are deployed in over 300 operators worldwide and are offered by the leading network equipment providers

Radio Frame Networks was founded in 1999 to provide converged platform solutions for wireless operators (cellular / PCS systems) in the pico-cell and micro-cell spaces. They are constantly developing new technologies to converge wireless mobile voice and data access into a one-platform solution. Their mission is simple and revolutionary: to create a new generation of wireless hardware and software that delivers on the promise of greater capability and productivity for the end user.

Based in Fremont, California, Traverse Networks develops intelligent software and services that accelerate convergence by bridging communications networks and applications to the benefit of operators, enterprises and users. Traverse develops and manages applications and services that provide a single, integrated user experience while interconnecting the networks, operational support systems and business support systems of wireline, wireless, cable and VoIP operators and enterprises. The result is high-value, network independent enhanced services that seamlessly integrate disparate networks and technologies while simplifying communications for end-users.

Marconi Corporation, PLC is a global telecommunications equipment, services and solutions company. The company's core business is the provision of innovative and reliable optical networks, broadband routing and switching and broadband access technologies and services. The company's customer base includes many of the world's largest telecommunications operators. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol MONI and listed on NASDAQ under the symbol MRCIY.

Wireless Matrix is a leading provider of Wireless Data communications solutions to enterprises. Through our suite of network services, our hardware, and our Total Service approach to implementing your solution, we are committed to maximizing your operations and your investment in field service communications. In providing you with real-time wireless data communications, our solutions help you break the boundaries of your business to realize greater efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and improved value from your assets.

Polarlis Wireless is a privately held wireless location company that provides network-based software products for accurately determining the location of mobile phones.

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