Partnership Development Lifecycle Management

STS's extensive wireless industry domain expertise and long-term relationships with wireless operators means you have seasoned advocates leading you through the entire business development and sales process - step by step. Clients see immediate results through more intelligent, informed, and strategic selling. Our proven solutions collapse the sales cycle, spark sluggish sales, and boost your business to a whole new level. Whether it's in the approach, presentation, impact evaluation or internal approval process, STS has been through it and knows how to get the job done.

Step 1 - Market Readiness Preparation

Initially, we take a long, hard look at your marketing message to be sure it conveys your strategic positioning in a way that wireless operators will find relevant and in synch with their own product development strategic plans. We review your value proposition and presentation materials and develop account target lists. We analyze your product's potential impacts on wireless operator network, technology, IT and customer support and help you anticipate questions and concerns, and we assist you in developing talk tracks to address and assuage these potential show stoppers. All this ensures that your presentation is optimized when it comes time for your audience with key decision makers.

Step 2 - Business Development

In this stage, we identify the most viable targets within specific target operator partners, and map out the best strategies and tactics to penetrate those targets, including organizing and facilitating meetings with key decision-makers.

Step 3 - Process Management

Once opportunities have been identified, we build the foundation for long-term success by leveraging our knowledge of each operator's unique process to minimize obstacles. We will help develop your proposal, and define the Statement of Work, pricing structure and business model.

STS will guide you through the operator adoption process and assist with contract negotiations, pilot or full launch planning and implementation.

Step 4 - Marketing and Sales Support

Once your product is sailing towards a launch, your success becomes determined by sell through and uptake. We're there to help you with every facet of marketing your product - from marketing strategies and product development, to collateral material and channel development and more. No one has the breadth and depth of marketing and sales expertise in the wireless industry that we have...No one.

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