Executive Sales & Marketing Team Building

Specialized staffing and team building service

A natural outgrowth of being well-connected in the wireless industry, Snider Technology Solutions also offers a very specialized staffing and team building service to our service provider clients.

Having built several award winning sales teams, and turned around underperforming ones into top producers, we possess the knowledge, experience and background to provide our clients with wireless industry-specific team building and recruitment services. In this role, STS functions less like a typical recruiter and more like a senior sales executive on your team, in supporting the building of your sales force.

We employ the same practices that have contributed to proven past success, but also apply instincts that have been sharpened over twenty-years of interviewing, recruiting and hiring. Invariably, we are able to cross-reference a candidate in the wireless industry with a personal contact or relationship, allowing you a valuable insight into a candidate's past experience.

Partnerships with leading recruiting firms

Our established partnerships with leading recruiting firms allow us to provide this two-tiered service to clients, with no additional recruitment fee expense.

Our experience in building winning sales teams in the wireless industry, our knowledge and insights into our clients' needs, and the trust factor we've so diligently built over the years enable us to efficiently identify and recruit the optimal candidates.

Critical performance issues

By addressing these critical performance issues, we can help you staff your team and build your marketing, business development and sales department infrastructure:

Sales and Marketing Support

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Interim marketing, business development and sales executive leadership

    Infrastructure Development

  • HR Policies
  • Job Descriptions
  • Account coverage and staffing levels
  • Incentive / behavioral motivation programs
  • Compensation plans
  • Equity participation

    Recruitment and team building

  • Recruitment support for sales managers
  • Candidate identification and screening
  • Qualification assurance including background investigation

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