Case #2

The Client

A venture funded European provider of network based wireless data servers.

The Problem

This provider was well established in Europe, but unknown in the US wireless operator industry. We needed to parlay their global success into credibility and establish them in the US market as a viable and recognizable leader in its market space. One of the main challenges was to adapt European-oriented marketing approaches and product positioning to the demands and culture of the US wireless industry. The key strategic objective was to support the building of a sustainable, profit-generating business by developing and monetizing the value and positioning of the client’s services.

Our approach

STS was engaged to consult on the development of their annual sales and marketing plan, as well as to serve as an interim Business Development executive resource. The tactical objective was to facilitate and support the building of an opportunity pipeline with national tier 1 wireless operators, and to create the foundation and infrastructure of a US operator sales organization.

The Results

STS leveraged our close working relationships with major, national operators to introduce our client’s corporate profile and solutions overview. Through our efforts, our client was delighted to be able to make its initial product presentation to the VP for engineering services of a strategically-targeted national operator. This positioned them at least two organizational levels above the typical entry point for a solution provider with this operator. STS researched and authored the client’s 2005 sales and marketing plan, which was adopted and presented to senior management with virtually no further effort or modifications.

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