Case #1

The Client

A mature, well-established venture-funded global wireless business and technology consulting firm.

The Problem

Our client had successfully penetrated all but one major tier 1 North American wireless operator. This operator was reluctant to use consulting firms in general, and doubted the effectiveness of this firm in particular, as they had evolved from an engineering services oriented firm to a strategy and integration related firm.

We needed to establish our client as a viable and recognizable leader in its market, and to gain access to opportunities which might be attainable within a reasonable time frame. The key strategic objective was to support the development of a sustainable, profitable business by establishing, and then monetizing, the value and positioning of the client’s services.

Our approach

STS was engaged with the goal of landing our client’s first contract at this important national operator. We worked closely with the client executive team to develop a framework for understanding how their service offerings would best serve this particular wireless operator. The overall strategic objective was determined as laying a foundation to drive in-flows of revenues, but more importantly, given the sales cycle and current disposition of the wireless operator world, to position the client for large scale successes in coming years. The primary stage involved developing an opportunity profile which clearly defined the type, scope and timing of revenue generating projects for our client. Based on this profile, a tactical plan was developed to win the business.

The Results

STS leveraged our deep contact base and existing relationships with the target operator to facilitate a general strategy and technology briefing which was attended by the appropriate decision making executives. We continued to develop the customer relationship and manage the sales process, and within three months, our client had a verbal agreement for their first project. Within five months they had consummated the deal and launched the engagement.

Moreover, within days of closing this first project, the client was awarded their second.

Our client firm is well on its way to establishing itself as a primary “go to” consulting partner for this strategically-critical wireless operator partner.

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