About Us

Snider Technology Solutions, LLC was formed by Stephen Snider in 1999 and is a registered limited liability corporation in the State of Virginia. The company holds the core business principle that start-up, growing and emerging wireless solution providers will see great value in support programs and services designed to help them get their product into the wireless operator channel more quickly and profitably.

From the beginning, we've acted to bridge the often-expansive communication and operational gaps between wireless solution providers and wireless operators. With extensive insider-only experience and contacts, STS serves as your strategic guide, your process partner, and your foot in the door. We break through the clutter to be sure your voice is heard - by the right people, at the right time.

What We Do

As experts in the wireless field, we offer a focused selection of service offerings, whether you're a small, start-up firm or an established, public entity.

For wireless solution providers

Getting the right message for your new product or service in front of the right people today is crucial. As important as your products functionality and value is, your success in developing a wireless operator distribution channel will hinge on your ability to understand and adapt to the operators method of operations. That's where we come in. We understand how wireless operators do business, what their critical buying needs are, and how your new technology fits in. STS is expert in developing partnerships, relationships, and licensing agreements with wireless operators. We also offer team-building services and strategic sales and marketing guidance to take your business to the next level - quickly and successfully.

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For wireless operators

STS introduces exciting, relevant new products, services and solutions that can positively impact your customer satisfaction - and your bottom line. We facilitate the partnership process with mobile solutions providers and streamline the stage 1 validation process to free-up your precious and time constrained product management resources.

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